Vietnam, July 21st: Xebia Global Services, part of Global IT consultancy firm Xebia Group, recently opened its Sales and Delivery operations in Vietnam. 

Vietnam is fast growing as a tech hub with robust ecosystem for technology startups as well as fastest growing tech human resources in Southeast Asia. It is also a part of several major international and Intergovernmental institutions including the United Nations, the ASEAN, the APEC, and the World Trade Organization

Besides, with Vietnam being the epicenter of Digital Banks, Fintechs & E-Commerce in South-East-Asia, Xebia believes that its deep presence across Technologies & Industries coupled with Transformation & Set-up experience will enable these industries in SEA to leverage our digital enablement experience.

Xebia-Vietnam will act as a delivery center to it’s home-country and also operate as a nearshore center for the rest of South-East Asia (SEA).

The company is already engaged with several banking customers in the Region.

Anand Sahay, Co-Founder and CEO, Xebia Global Services, says that “the company, while getting noticed, always stays one step ahead of what businesses need and tries to offer the latest technologies to its customers in the industry”.

Commenting further, Mr. Sahay added that Xebia Global Services has the ability to turn the latest technology trends into advantage for its customers with the help of international network of passionate technologists and pioneering craftsmen that makes businesses work better, smarter, and faster.

About Xebia Global Services:

Xebia Global Services, India, was set up in 2006 to cater to an ever-increasing demand for niche software development across the world. The company has expanded to other cities in India, such as Pune and Bangalore, and also to countries in the Middle East, US and UK. 

The group has launched several successful brands, including cloud expert and data and AI specialist GoDataDriven. By acquiring Oblivion, Xebia emphasizes its focus on cloud services and continues to expand in line with its strategy.

Tech Expertise 

Moreover, Xebia’s passion for in-depth technology—together with Lean, Agile, and Scrum practices—makes sure that digitization is rooted within an organization providing sustainable and inclusive development for each and every stakeholder.

It provides services that deal with Digital Strategy, Agile Transformations, Scaled Architectures, DevOps and Continuous Delivery, Big Data and Data Science, Cloud Infrastructures, Agile Software Development, and Agile Software Security to increase customer experience and offer advantages to a customer’s business.

Clients & partners

Xebia’s clients include the aviation, banking, healthcare, retail and e-commerce industries. The company has partnered with several global giants—Microsoft, GitHub, Amazon Web Services and Google, among others.

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