On the afternoon of July 7th, 2022, SKYWORTH Group held a super new product launch conference with the theme of “Transform Your World” at Lotte Hotel, Ho Chi Minh, and the launching ceremony of Super TV Global Tour in Vietnam at this conference, SKWORTH launched a number of industry-leading “super tv” and displayed a number of technology that is unique and first launched by SKYWORTH in Southeast Asia.

The most striking thing is the first flexible OLED TV W82 independently developed by SKYWORTH. Its screen can be curved or straight, and the price–as high as 700 million VND, which is comparable to the price of a car– shocked the audience. With its OLED module (OBM) capability and a number of self-developed technologies, this product has gained the attention of the industry. At the global exhibition CES 2022, which is known as “Nobel Prize in Consumer Science and Technology”, OLED TV W82 won the innovation awards of “game” and “video display” in one fell swoop for its strong innovation, product strength and scientific and technological strength.

SKYWORTH is the second TV manufacturer with OBM capability in the world. Its core competitive advantage is that it can turn conceptual ideas into mass production products. SKYWORTH’s R&D team has achieved four OBM technological breakthroughs in W82 for many years, including OBM self-made flexible screen, electric curved flat mechanism, fish-scale retractable rear shell structure and intelligent adjustment of 1000R curvature. At the same time, W82 also owns SKYWORTH’s exclusive display technology, including SOBiF non-afterimage technology, 3D LUT movie original color, ALS Light-sensitive screen changes, etc. W82 has reached the top level in the industry in terms of hardware configuration specifications and image quality adjustment technology.

In the future, SKYWORTH will cooperate with distributors to carry out the exhibition tour under the super product line in major shopping malls in Vietnam, so that more consumers can witness the world-leading super TV with their own eyes. It is understood that the first exhibition tour will start in early August, and the first customer is Luminh Vit.

At this conference, in addition to OLED TV, SKYWORTH also launched a number of flagship products, including the world’s first Wallpaper TV, the latest generation of Mini-LED TV, QLED TV that can do a make up to the pictures, EYE CARE TV that is healthy and eye-friendly, the latest generation of Google TV with Hands-free Voice Control, and so on. At the same time, SKYWORTH also displayed a series of highly competitive diversified products, such as T2 projector, cinema-class sound speaker series S100 and MAX7, etc.

Skyworth brand has been in Vietnam for more than 8 years, and its distributors are all over Vietnam. At present, SKYWORTH ‘s main sales products are TV and peripheral products. In the future, it will gradually introduce white goods and diversified products, including refrigerators, washing machines, Mini ice bar, air fryers, electronic sports displays, etc. In addition to the diversity of products, SKYWORTH pays more attention to the after-sales service of products. At present, SKYWORTH has set up more than 121 service centers in Vietnam, and the number continues to increase, which can provide thoughtful, perfect and guaranteed after-sales service for customers all over Vietnam.

In next three years, in order to actively expand the market in Vietnam, SKYWORTH Group plans to establish the second large-scale manufacturing factory in Southeast Asia in Vietnam, improve the supply chain system, and realize one-stop solutions from production, manufacturing to sales and service. In the next two years, SKYWORTH plans to increase investment in brand marketing, build 30 flagship stores for offline product experience, upgrade 200 terminal images, advertise in several core cities and sponsor well-known variety shows. All the above measures will focus on one goal, that is, within five years, SKYWORTH will achieve an annual sales volume of 500,000 units in Vietnam.

In the near future, SKYWORTH will continue to focus on TV, and constantly improve the layout and development of super-sized TVs such as 86 “,90”, 98 “and 100” and high-end OLED, Mini LED and QLED products. At the same time, SKYWORTH will also introduce photovoltaic industry and new energy automobile industry to Vietnam when the time is right. It is understood that SKYWORTH’s new energy vehicles have gone abroad to 42 countries around the world, including Germany, the automobile kingdom.

It is SKYWORTH‘s eternal commitment to serve 90 million Vietnamese people well and become the preferred home appliance brand of Vietnamese people!