Nimo TV, a leading game and pan-entertainment live streaming platform in Vietnam, has launched a one-month online football carnival during the World Cup. Football fans are invited to participate in the online carnival and celebrate with exciting activities, including Football Girl Competition, Football Nights, and international live streaming competitions.

Meanwhile, Nimo TV has announced that the annual celebration “Nimo Glory 2022” will take place from December 19, 2022. As part of the ceremony, streamers from Indonesia, Vietnam, the Middle East, and other parts of the world will compete for several awards, including “Nimo Glory 2022 Global Best Streamer” and “Streamer of the Year.”

Fans will enjoy the online football carnival with popular female streamers

Nimo TV has rolled out several new entertainment programs on its platform for fans who can’t attend the once-every-four-year World Cup in person. Football fans will be able to experience the excitement online thanks to the Nimo TV online football carnival. These programs include Streamer Talk, broadcasted each Friday, in which popular streamers such as Quang Vodka, Boongminz, and Tam Cho Dien meet online to discuss hot topics about the World Cup tournament and play interactive online games.

In the highly competitive Couple Battle program, top game streamers will connect with entertainment streamers to cheer for the teams they support and predict game results. While winners receive prizes from the platform, the ones who lose the game will accept challenging tasks assigned by the winners. In the My Champion program, a question-and-answer contest, nearly 30 game streamers including Misthy and Thay Giao Ba will play interactive games with fans and make predictions about the champion team.

In addition, there will be online performance by football girls each evening. And on the KOL PK Night, popular female streamers will join the competition showcasing their talents and sharing the joy of the World Cup. During these events, fans can vote for their favorite streamers and participate in quizzes and lucky draws to win prizes such as iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Annual ceremony “Nimo Glory 2022” is just around the corner

Nimo TV’s annual ceremony has drawn widespread attention in Vietnam’s live streaming field. As Nimo TV freshly announced, the online ceremony “Nimo Glory 2022” is to be held from December 19 to December 30, while the offline awards ceremony will take place in the first quarter of 2023.

This year’s online ceremony will include both regional and global competitions. Throughout the annual event, many streamers will compete in a series of talent shows and games. Winners will be rewarded with prizes such as the iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPad Air, Apple Watch, and virtual privileges from the platform. During the event, viewers can show their support by voting for their favorite streamers to win awards, and have the opportunity to win rewards such as special entrance effects, VIP ID numbers, customized gifts, and exclusive “chat bubbles”.

The offline annual award ceremony, which will be held in Ho Chi Minh City in the first quarter of next year, is set to bring together popular idols and streamers and provide fans with exciting shows. “As the annual award ceremony is the first major event after Nimo TV’s expansion in pan-entertainment genre in Vietnam, this event is much anticipated by both our users and the industry as a whole”, said Amie Lam, Head of Nimo TV Vietnam.

In the ceremony, several prestigious awards will be presented to streamers and partners for their outstanding performance over the past year. These awards include “Nimo Glory 2022 Global Best Streamer”, “Nimo Glory 2022 Vietnam Best Streamer”, and “Nimo Glory 2022 Vietnam Future Face”, among others. Meanwhile, Nimo TV will also upgrade the interactive activities and prizes for this year’s annual event.

Nimo TV expands to pan-entertainment genre with continued creative content from top streamers

As seen from the ongoing football carnival and annual celebration activities, Nimo TV has showcased the increasingly diversified content on its platform after transforming from a game live streaming platform to the twin-engine development of game live streaming and pan-entertainment genres. The platform has increased content proportion of entertainment live streaming, and other content covering sports, board games, karaoke, anime and travel challenges, etc.

As the platform attracts an increasing number of pan-entertainment streamers to join the Nimo TV family, existing streamers on the platform are also making continuous contributions to quality content. For example, the live streaming team behind Mixi gaming & Refund team, famous for their signature content “GTA 5”, has innovated compelling content such as the “Ao Lang FIFA” competition, “The Moi Voice” singing competition, and the online game “duck goose”, etc. Game streamers such as TuiTenBo, Thay Giao Ba, and Snake have enhanced their interaction with entertainment streamers while the latter have also added various talent shows to their repertoire.

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