Looking at the development of the crypto market, two apparent trends are happening currently. First and foremost, the competition among the tracks is becoming more and more fierce as the industry continues its refinement. Secondly, the number of small and medium-sized startup institutions is growing tremendously, indicating that the crypto industry is gradually maturing, and the trading market is moving towards ecological development. As a result, more and more exchanges regard ecology as one of the core strategies.

Throughout the development, the business scope of the trading platform has been expanding continuously. As a result, more subdivided and complicated business needs also increase, which greatly pressure small and medium-sized organizations and teams with relatively limited resources. In addition, the market and industry requirements are improving. Thus it is difficult for them to gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition. Therefore, the exchange SaaS service business has new opportunities for its development. As a blockchain technology service provider developed for 3 years, ChainUP noticed the market trend preemptively. It has built several mature product lines, including a digital asset trading system, wallet, liquidity, and WaaS alliance.

Exchange SaaS service with transaction ecology as the core

With the maturity and development of the market, the era of aimless development of exchanges has ended. Nowadays, the exchange plays a massive role as the hub of the crypto market. Users, markets, and industries have higher exchanges requirements, which constantly raises exchanges’ entry threshold. Not only does the threshold of resources and funds increase, but the requirements for the technical level and operational capability of the platform increase significantly too. In order to help small and medium-sized exchanges multiply and promote the standardized development of exchanges, the digital asset SaaS trading system launched by ChainUP can solve the problems currently faced by the industry.

ChainUP SaaS trading system can provide comprehensive services for exchanges in need. It supports App, H5, and PC and fully covers core trading modules, including coin-coin, contract, legal tender, and ETF. It is equipped with a high-performance matching engine and adopts an asynchronous matching mechanism, which can process 50,000 orders per second. The trading system is distributed throughout the system, and multiple copies of machines are matched in memory to ensure it recovers from downtime within seconds. At the same time, it aggregates the liquidity of exchanges for more than 300 ChainUP customers. It is able to access top-level liquidity such as coin-coin/legal tender and contract with a click and also supports automatic coin launch. With this, it dramatically reduces the research and development cost of the exchange in the basic configuration. At the same time, it builds an efficient and stable trading platform quickly.

ChainUP SaaS trading system supports various types of quantitative contract trading, leveraged trading systems, and ETF trading systems at the derivative level. The exchange can access different system modules according to its own strategic needs. Also, they can all provide professional, functional modules to meet different strategic needs of the exchange. For instance, delivery/perpetual contract, chase position/full position mode, forward/reverse contract, leverage multiple, forward/reverse ETF, NAV accounting, high efficiency rebalance, discount premium, and many more systems.

From the aspect of security, the ChainUP SaaS trading system has an independent risk control system. It includes more than 30 defense mechanisms such as behavior monitoring, withdraw T+1, strict signature of every fund flow, three-tier wallet system, DDoS defense, traffic cleaning, etc. It also cooperates with more than 300 bank-level risk control strategy systems, which worked with major products to provide a solid guarantee for the financial security of the exchange and users. Also, it helps in the long-term development of the exchange.

In addition, the ChainUP SaaS transaction system can also provide compliant deposit and withdrawal channels. It configures legal tender bank accounts, deposit and withdrawal systems, KYC that fulfills the FCA regulatory requirements and GDPR information management principles, and AML with international standards. Currently, it supports credit card payment for Visa, MasterCard, ApplePay, etc, and supports 126 currencies such as USD, GBP, and EUR. Meanwhile, the deposit and withdrawal both have a security audit, KYC certification, and coin dealer guarantee system to further ensure the security of funds.

International value-added services with operations as the core

In order to outperform in the fierce competition, excellent operation strategies are also essential for exchanges. Therefore, in addition to the most in-and-out system services, ChainUP also provides various value-added services for the exchange, including operational product matrix, marketing tools, international and local operation support.

The exchange can choose its marketing and operation strategies such as broker, IEO, red packet, lock position/unlock, mining, airdrop, etc. It can also strengthen the fundamental business system by upgrading contract follow-up, grid trading, and staking functions. Furthermore, with the help of ChainUP’s professional marketing strategy, users can obtain flow rapidly and efficiently solve the difficulties in gaining and transforming customers.

ChainUP implements the strategy of collectivization and globalization. At present, it has provided blockchain technical services to more than 500 customers globally. There are more than 300 digital asset exchange customers, 150 wallet customers, and 150 liquidity customers, covering four continents and more than 30 countries and regions, reaching more than 60 million global users. Among the top 100 exchanges in CMC, ChainUP’s customers account for more than 30%. ChainUP has accumulated rich experience in international and local operations hence capable of providing comprehensive support. It includes language support, global customer service, international operation and maintenance, media support, and strategic experience sharing for exchanges that want to operate internationally.

Since 2017, ChainUP has continuously provided high-quality services to the industry. Today, it has become the world’s leading blockchain technology service provider. The SaaS service provided by ChainUP can effectively reduce the R&D and operation costs of the exchange, shorten the growth cycle of the platform, thus allowing more organizations and teams to enter the crypto industry, and provide more new forces and possibilities for the market. On the other hand, ChainUP’s high-quality and standardized scheme can effectively reduce the losses caused on the users and the market during the trial and error of the exchanges. As a result, it improves the new platform’s comprehensive level and promotes the industry to move towards standardization.